Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Recent Weaving

I have been back on my table loom the last couple of weeks weaving a scarf as a commission for a client. For the warp I used a wool I bought from a small shop on the Isle of Skye called Shilasdair. This yarn was naturally dyed on the island in their dye house and is a beautiful greeny blue colour. The colour was achieved by over dyeing an initial colour with another which produces a final shade that has loads of variation within it. I also added some accents of colour into the warp with some lines of brighter blue woolen yarn. For the weft I used a black linen for the bulk of the cloth and introduced threads of thicker wool for the tufts. The structure provides a reversible quality and gives added texture. I washed it for quite a long time to bring out the wool's softness and to loosen the linen's crispness. It is a good lightweight cloth which drapes very nicely, and the client was very happy! 

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